National Hispanic Scientist of the Year 2016

Tampa’s Museum of Science & Industry, MOSI, will honor a pioneer in the exploration of other worlds and our own planet with its 2016 National Hispanic Scientist of the Year Award.

Adriana Ocampo, PhD, serves as a pivotal leader on the team behind NASA’s Juno mission to Jupiter, as well as last year’s New Horizons flyby of Pluto. She is also NASA’s lead scientist for the exploration of the planet Venus.

In October, Dr. Ocampo will take part in a powerful mentoring experience at MOSI in Tampa, Florida. In partnership with local schools, more than one thousand middle school students who live in low-income areas are brought to MOSI for a fun Meet the Scientist Day. Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) professionals are treated like rock and roll stars, and kids leave excited and engaged about the possibilities for their future.

Proceeds from the award program benefit MOSI’s YES! Team (Youth Enriched by Science!) – a teen service-learning program that connects community service experience with STEAM learning. With preference given for underrepresented minorities, this unique program has been a powerhouse for positive change for nearly 25 years, with 98% of its members graduating from high school and 81% pursuing careers in math and science.

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