Save Recyclosaurus Rex From Extinction!

Recyclosaurus Rex
Recyclosaurus Rex – a life-size sculpture of a dinosaur sits in front of MOSI as a monument to recycling. Recyclosaurus Rex, made of recycled steel beams and plastic fencing stands over 25 feet tall and is nearly 40 feet long. His belly is filled with aluminum cans and plastic containers.

Recyclosaurus Rex was commissioned and built in 1992 and has served as a community landmark and a recycling reminder. Currently the sculpture is in need of repair. The original external structure has degraded and needs to be replaced. Due to County construction projects, there is limited access to the site necessitating the need for additional sidewalks. The lights in the eyes are no longer functional and will be replaced with environmentally sound LED lights powered by solar panels. But to accomplish the restoration of Tampa Bay’s Recyclosaurus we need you! Please make a gift to support this project and save this landmark.

For additional information contact Molly Demeulenaere at 813-987-6017 or